Blast Your Brain Fog Away

Brilliance! The word implies a brain loaded with creativity, ideas, and action. We think nothing of spending time building our bodies into shape, but what about our brain? Our brain has the capacity to illuminate our highest potential.



Get Crystal Clear Clarity

Many of us know that great change is before us, but not sure how will it affect us in the long-term. If you're wondering what to do with this new topsy-turvy life, you will need perfect clarity going forward. This course of self-reflective worksheets is designed to get you in touch with what makes you tick - as well as deep-seated "stuff" that may be throwing you off balance.


Frequently Asked Questions

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It’s important to understand that this course does not constitute a doctor/patient relationship. However the course information has been prepared by Dr. George and her co-authors.

Our Happy Students!

I just finished the first class and my whole body is still tingling! I am amazed at how much was covered in what felt like a very short amount of time, yet how easy it was to follow and understand. Loved it! Ending with the chakra clearing was like adding the cherry on top! I feel awesome now! Thank you so much for putting together such a great class. I am excited to see what the next class will teach me!

- Alicia

Thank you so much for this course. It is easy to suffer from brain fog under the daily pressures experienced by mental health professionals. It has become essential for all health care workers to engage in self-care to alleviate symptoms such as poor sleep, increasing stress, and ongoing staff shortages. I have found your simple yet effective course material offers a most helpful way to manage undue physical mental and spiritual aspects of self-care.

- Mitchell

“Five very bright stars without a doubt. I’ve never met a doctor who took the time to turn over every stone like Dr. George does. The information and advice I received will help guide me for the rest of my life. I highly, highly, recommend. The content of the “Brain Fog” course is surely the most concise information I have found on the topic.”

- Trudy

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