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We are very excited to offer you an affordable way to delve into Functional Medicine!

Functional medicine looks at the different “functions” serving the body as a whole. Some of these functions are cellular communication, defense, repair, assimilation of nutrition, and elimination. Disruptions in these functions affect the system as a whole, creating physical symptoms, which are your body’s way of communicating to you that core functions are compromised.

Functional medicine encourages you to address the “root cause” upstream from the symptoms. Listen to the symptoms rather than just suppressing them, and you will be on your way to creating a healthy life.

Hi! I'm Dr. G. - I'm so excited to introduce you to VIDA Academy!

If you landed here, I know you are interested in exploring a new type of healthcare. You may be curious about Functional Medicine. Often, taking small steps is an excellent way to get started on something. This is why I created VIDA Academy. 

For as little as just $49.00 per month, I offer you access to courses, e-books, specialty diet recipes, monthly online office hours with myself and my experts, and the support of a private Facebook group.

Remember the days when you woke up every morning feeling optimistic and vibrant? I can help you get back there. Today can be the day you take that small, yet important step to reclaiming your vibrant self. I invite you to join my Academy and allow me the honor of guiding you on your journey to wellness. 


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The biggest BENEFIT of joining our health seekers is HEALTH! 

Those interested in learning more about Functional Medicine and how it can enhance your health will enjoy our educational materials.

It can be difficult to come up with ideas and shopping lists when embarking on a new style of eating. Let us help you to stay on track with these suggestions.

My experts and I are excited to offer you monthly support with online office hours where you can learn more with our monthly topics.

Join like-minded peers who are seeking a healthier lifestyle. Support is key to success and here you will have a platform to share challenges and victories.

Not ready for a membership? Try one of our courses.

Join OUr tribe of health seekers

I believe the support and information you will receive as a member of this academy will be a game changer for your health. If you want to stay updated – join our tribe. By subscribing you will receive our offers, deals, and notification of webinars and other useful information.

VIDA Academy - A New Way to Experience Functional Medicine

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