The Dorm Doctor


Did you read What to expect when you’re expecting? That well-received handbook told you everything you needed to know about how to bring a baby into the world. But now that “baby” is ready to go out into a new world as they head off to college. The Dorm Doctor is your next “must-have” handbook that will address many issues you and your teen will face on this next big step of their life journey.

As parents of children who have already stepped out into the wild jungle of dorm life, we saw a definite need for a handbook to address some serious issues that arise for all students and parents attempting to navigate this complicated transition.

Knowledge is power. Parents want to give their teens the tools to understand new challenges, which include taking responsibility for their health.

The day you drop your child off at college is a day that will evoke every emotion you feel capable of and this primer is the resource you need to feel confident and calm as you drive away from the college campus.

Chapter One: You’re Accepted – Now what?/Chapter Two: Gross!! Staying Sane in Communal Dorms/Chapter Three: Put the Ramen Down – Start with Good Nutrition/Chapter Four: Stay in Motion  – The Importance of Exercise/Chapter Five: Turn Off the Lights – The Consequences of Sleep Deprivation/Chapter Six: I’m Melting Down – Managing Stress and Anxiety/Chapter Seven: My Throat Hurts – Common Dorm Maladies/Chapter Eight: Something’s Not Right – Symptom Checker/Chapter Nine: When the Party Starts – Keeping Control of Drug and Alcohol Use/Chapter Ten: Sex is Serious Stuff – Protect Yourself/Chapter Eleven: Technology Overload – When to Turn it Off/Chapter Twelve: Plan for Parents – When the Phone Starts Ringing


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    Informative and fun!
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    What a wonderful way to get the conversation started! Bought each one of my boys a copy. Informative and not in a boring textbook kind of way either. If your child is going off to college to be on their own for the first time this book is a must to answer all their questions and to help them with all kinds of situations that will come up.

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